How to put your dogs hair up in a band

Using a comb, divide the fringe from corner eye to corner eye.
Comb the hair through and into a bunch.
Put a small band around the hair towards the back of the bunch.
Check that the dog’s eyes are not pulled tight, if they are loosen the topknot off by inserting a tail comb in the hair above each eye and lift the hair gently.
You can leave the topknot like this or you can do a ‘back twist’ to make it lay flatter?
4. Using a tail comb make a small gap under the band. Make it big enough so that you are able to put the tip of your finger through the gap.
5.Bring the topknot hair forward and push it through the gap you have just made under the band.
6. Pull the topknot out of the back of the gap until the band disappears from view.
7. This is how the finished topknot should look. Do just check before you let the dog go that the topknot is not tight and pulling at the eyes or skin behind the band. Loosen off in the same way as described in section 3 if this has happened.
8. The side view.