The Brighton Pets Spa Cat Grooming

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Cat Grooming

Grooming is important for any breed of cat, as it stimulates the skin and removes dead hair and debris from the coat helping to stop matts and knots from forming. This process will also encourage the cat to clean itself more regularly (as it wont get mouthfuls of loose hair every time it licks itself).
We understand that some cats can be extremely difficult to groom at home, so we can provide a range of grooming treatments to help you – from Lion Clips and undercarriage ‘T-clips’ to monthly maintenance groom outs.
We DO NOT cut away knots with scissors, we only shave them out as this is the safest way to remove them. A cat’s skin is very thin and delicate and in some cases can be almost sucked up into the knot making the progress a slow and difficult one. We are professionally trained to groom cats in a way that is least likely to hurt or upset your animal.
We will attempt to groom any cat. However if we feel that a cat is getting stressed or becomes very aggressive and cannot be handled, the best solution is sedation by your own Veterinary Practice.